Popularize cold knowledge:7 surprising facts that exist in this world

There are too many miracles in the world,there will always be a lot of things we haven’t heard of.Such as rainbow in the night,a burning hole for more than 40 years.

1,Rainbow also happened in the night.

We all have seen rainbow at daytime,but how about the rainbow in the night? Thomas Tees of Gilhart, Oregon, U.S. have taken an amazing picture after the sunset on 8th Dec. 2003.He said ” The rainbow have lasted for about 20 minutes,while the moon raised behind us.

In this image,the moon is the point,same as the sun make a rainbow at daytime the moon also can make a rainbow in night. That’s rare to see the moon rainbow. Because the sthength of moonlight is much weaker than sunlight.So there is a nesessary condition that the moon must be bright enough.except after rain and dark sky also need the moon lower than 42 degree.

2,The number of dots on the back of the ladybug does not depend on age, but on species.

Ladybug is one of  the most popular insects in Canada.Many people think that there is only one kind of ladybug in Canada.we can know their age through counting the dots on their back. But that not currect. Actually,there are more than 450 local ladybug species in North America.The dots on the back of ladybug is depend on species not age.Some ladybugs have 2 dots, some have 7 dots,14dots even 22dots.

3,Hedgehogs are born without thorns and will grow thorns in a few hours.

4,Luzon Pheasant’s breast looks like bleeding

5,The fire that has been burning for more than 40 years

Turkmenistan has a pothole that has burned for more than 40 years and nearly 50 years. This fire pit, known as the “Gate to Hell”, was first discovered by Soviet scientists in 1971. After the drilling rig collapsed, a wide hole was formed. It is reported that the crater released a large amount of methane gas, which poses a potential threat to nearby villages.

6,Male brown-bag shrew dies of exhaustion after mating

A pair of brown-bag shrews mate for up to 14 hours at a time. The crazy mating season lasts only a few weeks, and the males usually die before the cubs are born.

7,The Fitzroy River Turtle can breathe with its ass

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Post time: Aug-30-2020
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